The first consequences after Glasgow Rangers was relegated

July 19, 2012 · Filed Under Sports News 
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Scottish football is close to collapse. After Glasgow Rangers, the most titrated Scottish club, was relegated to in the fourth league due to debts of over 115 million euros to UK tax, many teams from the first league are going to have the same fate. This decision could mean the collapse for nearly half teams of the first league.

Rangers was relegated, firstly in first league, and then in the fourth, following the vote the other clubs, members of the Scottish Professional League. According to presidents of these clubs, the decision was made solely on sporting criteria and relegation was accepted both by Rangers leadership and by the fans, who have promised to fill the Ibrox Park even if the team will play in the fourth league. If sporty the decision is correct, from a financial perspective, things changed 180 degrees, especially since the two home games of the small teams against Rangers brought large amounts.

BSkyB and ESPN are the televisions that have paid 102 million euros to transmit the following five seasons of the Scottish first league. However, because of the Rangers’ uncertain situation, the contract was not signed, and now the two sports channels want to reduce the amount by at least 20%. They argue that much of the income was received during the four “Old Firm” derby’s of Celtic and Rangers. They also don’t want to associate their image with a championship found in collapse. And the impact on small teams would be devastating. “Five teams in the first league are on the verge of bankruptcy. We need money,” said the St Mirren chairman Stewart Gilmour, while Aberdeen chief, Stewart Milne, said that ” the teams are strongly tested financial in these times “.

51,000 seats has Rangers’ stadium Ibrox Park, which supporters have announced that they will occupy all even if their favorite team will play in the fourth Scottish league.


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